We live in a world full of contradictions. We have access to multiple media and sources of information, yet not everyone has the privilege to express ideas publicly. At the same time, there are issues that remain hushed, ideas and good practices that do not reach their audience, problems that do not get the attention they deserve.

At Story Mentor we harness the timeless power of storytelling, using stories as a driver of change and personal improvement, a means of empowerment and a medium to intervene in public discourse.

Glass Ceiling Stories

What do a lawyer, a financial analyst and an academic have in common? What is it that connects them as professionals and how can this connection be highlighted? How can personal stories support a woman in her career development?

Inequality between female and male professionals, commonly termed as the “glass ceiling” phenomenon, prevails. “Glass Ceiling Stories” use personal narratives of professional women with varied backgrounds to shed light on the obstacles they have encountered in their career on the basis of gender discrimination.

The program includes storytelling workshops, round-table discussions, as well as the publication of personal stories in a weekly column curated by Story Mentor at @AthensVoice.

Stories We Don't Share

We all love success stories. Stories that remind us of possibilities and feature interesting plots and happy endings. However, positive stories do not always reflect our own experience.

The world needs our truth.  It is necessary for us to share stories we often conceal. Stories that talk about difficulties and shortcomings, failures and obstacles. We need to accept failure in order to achieve personal development and proceed on our career path. Simultaneously, it is essential to acquire the personal skills that can help us deal with failure and turn it into a source of empowerment and success.

“Stories We Don’t Share” collects and presents personal stories of people who have faced hardships and wish to share their experience, highlighting the lessons learned. The program includes story collection and curating along with focused discussions on failure in business, science, politics and art.